About Us

Our Mission

We seek to create high quality products and content that help people achieve their goals. We strive to motivate people to turn their dreams into reality. 


Why Choose GolRings?

We are dedicated to helping our customers achieve their goals. We suggest that you bind a specific goal to your ring for even more motivation. Whether you have a goal in the gym, a goal for work, or a goal to work on a personal trait, GolRings will be by your side. Our products serve as a helpful and convenient reminder for your personal goals.


3 Pillars of GolRings

1. The Ring  

Most people generalize rings to represent marriages, but rings have been powerful symbols for many different things. Going back centuries to the ancient Egyptians, rings represent eternity, gateways, and power. Rings have always been heavily associated with devotion and commitment as well. With this idea in mind we hope that GolRings will serve as not just a fashion statement,  but also as dedication for something that will better your life. 


2. The Words 

Words are very important. Words can tear people down. Words can build people up. Words can be a reminder. Words can be motivating. Words are powerful. This is why we plan to release not just only one GolRing, but rather a collection of different motivational words debossed into our rings.  


3. Affirmations 

Affirmations are like a ritual. Affirmations are positive statements that are repeated to motivate, create positive change, and boost self-esteem. There is science behind repeating something out loud every day. This is why we are adding an affirmation sticker to every ring sold for extra motivation. The sticker will be unique to every collection of rings and will be linked to the message of that certain ring. The idea of this reusable sticker is to place it somewhere that you look every day, perhaps your mirror, so that you can repeat the messaging every day. These stickers serve as a compliment to further motivate you to accomplish your goals and dreams. 


GolRing Guarantee

We are committed to our customers and that is why we offer our GolRing guarantee. Whether your product is ripped, damaged, or worn out we will replace it. We offer this one-time warranty because we care that people's GolRings are important to them.

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