GolRing Sizing

Golring sizing is based off of regular metal jewelry so you may know your size already! Men and women sizing is the same. and we recommend sizing down because you want your GolRing to be snug.

What Do I Need to Find my Ring Size?

All you need is a ruler or tape measure, some string or something alike, and a pen. Don't worry It's easy!

How to Measure at Home​

1. Get a pen or pencil, a ruler or tape measure, and a string or piece of paper

2. Cut the string or piece of paper to be at least 3 inches long

3. Wrap it snug around the base of your knuckle

4. Using the pen or pencil mark straight through where the string or paper overlaps

5. Lay the paper or string flat and measure the distance between the marks.

6. Match the measurement with the circumference chart below

Ring Size (1).png

30-Day Return Policy

Don't Stress too much over getting the perfect size because we offer a 30-day return policy if you want a new size for your ring!